With my sister, uncle and a few best friends in tow we accompanied my boyfriend, Aaron and his twin brother, Kristin last week for moral support as they met with Detectives of the Hate Crimes Task Force from 1 Police Plaza at the 9th Precinct for questioning about the 10-12 men who brutally attacked the brothers Sunday, May 26th Memorial Day weekend. The Detectives preferred to question the brothers individually without another individual present but the brothers diligently and politely insisted, and I was allowed to sit in with Aaron, with my uncle present for Kristin while Detectives proceeded with questioning.  I do have to say the questioning was just that a questioning and not an interrogation which given the circumstances, you can understand why we all were so hesitant with the process, but Detectives were cordial and respectful during the process. Most of the time spent was Aaron recalling the details of the attack but we did mention once questioning was done we spoke with another Detective a few days before questioning who stated to us that they had sequestered surveillance footage from ‘First & First Finest’ deli that captured the assailants before and after the attack, so then we asked could they then pull stills off the much more clear footage from the Deli surveillance, the Detective said they will, so this should help tremendously once the victims are shown these photos. The same Detective we spoke to a few days before questioning also stated not only did they have footage but they had “Pretty good video and photos of the assailants prior and after the attack” and “have some good solid leads, all resources are being put to use to prosecute these perpetrators”, so again, once the victims are shown this evidence it will only assist in at least finding one of the assailants. We only need one to find the rest!


Not to impede the investigation I will keep most of the details of the questioning private but the most pivotal question to me was when a Detective asked Aaron “Do you think these assailants would have stopped if the witness had not called the police?” in which my boyfriend responded “NO…they would have continued, it seemed that they were trying to put us down for good”. Detectives and Doctors stated the brothers were very lucky! During the session the Detective asked Aaron to write down what he could recall from that night, but because of his injuries causing some blurriness in his right eye we asked the Detective to write it and which I reread before Aaron signed. I of course asked if a signed statement was mandatory from a victim since I am sure they were taping the questioning but they stated it was physical proof in the victim’s words of exactly what happened, which would just lead to more evidence against the perpetrators.


A few days before questioning I was able to speak to a witness who came forward about this case and the witness was extremely helpful in giving more insight into why this attack happened, completely changing the classification of this case, transferring this investigation into the hands of the Hate Crime Task Force. The witness begins recalling the night of the brutal attack: “I remember seeing a very a boisterous crowd and I initially thought your boyfriend and his brother knew the men that surround them until I heard the brothers say we don’t want to fight, with their hands up, the brothers were showing absolutely no signs of aggression and clearly did not want to fight and  immediately after the fight the assailants were running up and down the street, repeatedly yelling nigger this and nigger that, and that’s how you take a nigger down and something about Boston. The witness also mentioned some of other witnesses recalled they heard these assailants referring to Jews and Muslims in a disrespectful manner and seemed to hate any one that was not them.”


Wrapping up the session, Detectives did mention they wanted both brothers to come in this week as soon as possible to go through a photo database which would pull profiles that correlates to the descriptions the victims made, which in return could pull up thousands of individuals fitting to the description, meaning brothers could be sifting through the database for hours. Then once positive matches were recovered they would place wanted signs everywhere in the vicinity of where the attack took place. This could ignite more witnesses and evidence.  I also mentioned to a Sergeant, that since I did speak with one of the witnesses who mentioned the assailants did state Boston (which would explain the accents both victims heard) then was that lead being pursued as well. Especially since the attack happened on Memorial Day weekend, and for a serious hate crime of this magnitude to be committed in such a diverse lower eastside neighborhood, it would make since these cowards were from out town, visiting New York for the holiday weekend. The Sergeant did say they were exhausting all leads and was pursuing this tip as well. I just wanted to make sure all avenues were being pursued because to shift through a NY database of potential assailants that could be connected with this case who may be from Boston can be extremely frustrating and time consuming not only for the victims but the Detectives leading this investigation but we were assured that they were on this tip. A thought just crossed my mind but I was wondering if there was any way to narrow down booked tickets of large parties flying in from Boston to New York Memorial Day weekend fitting similar descriptions…just a thought.


As you can see from the photo the brothers are recovering well! My boyfriend on the left shaved his hair to rid of the negative energy.  We are still concerned with the blood he is still coughing up and the fractures he sustained from this attack especially regarding the inner and outer orbital walls surrounding his eye and the more extensive fracture along the cheekbone area as well.  Since most of the swelling has gone down, we find out later today from the specialist if he will need surgery.  I also found a few great therapists as well, because unequivocally without a doubt these brothers will need to discuss emotions about this attack that they will not express to family, friends and loved ones for the pure simple fact of not want to cause any more stress, because this is just how selfishness and caring these two young men are.


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As always we appreciate the amount of support you all have shown, it truly has blown us away and I really believe it has been through the power of prayer through all of you that my boyfriend is healing so well but we still need your help…we have almost 5,000 signatures but if you have not signed the Petition regarding this case please sign here