1. Tell us your name and where you are from?

My name is Carlyne and I am from New Jersey but now living in Miami

2. How long have you been natural?

Ive been natural for 2yrs and 4months

3. What do you do? Is there a resistance or compatibility with your hair in your field of work?

I am a HIV/STD & Substance Abuse prevention counselor. With the kind of work I do I am able to wear my hair the way I want, I have actually helped a couple of my co-workers transition in the short time that Ive been here.

4. Describe your hair.

My hair is a 4a/4b texture and it is very, very thick. It knots up easily if Im not consistent with my moisturizing routine.

5. What is your regimen?

I have a very simple hair regimen. My wash days are every Friday so the night before I like to apply my coconut oil and detangle my hair into sections;I leave it in overnight and wash it out on Friday. I use Dr. Bronners Castile soap as my shampoo and I condition with either Yes to Carrots, Renpure, or Kinky curlys Knot today. I usually do a protective style that same day and it usually lasts until my next wash day. During the week I use a mixture of water, conditioner and oil in my spray bottle to moisturize.
6. What is your best hair advice?

My best hair advice is one that I have to remind myself of all the time….TAKE YOUR TIME TO DETANGLE! It can get soooo frustrating when you have thick hair like mine and you have to section it off to make sure you are detangling properly. Your arms start hurting and you get tired (TRUST I KNOW) but in the end it will be worth it if you are patient with your hair.

7. What is the strangest comment, request or hair story?

The strangest comment that I’ve gotten was when I first decided to go natural and my friends asked me ” Why in the hell would you do such a thing?” it was strange to me because they were black girls who clearly didn’t appreciate their natural hair. That motivated me more to go through with the process and show people you can still look fly with your natural hair.

8. How would you describe your personal fashion style?

Ok, so as far as my personal style I just go with what I feel. I don’t like to go with the newest trends because 2 months later it will be out of style and then 4 months later its in style (SMH). I go with the flow whatever I think up in my head is what I go with. The sexy, classy, funky, and chic kind of look is my personal style.

9. Do you have a blog/website?

I do have a blog/website…The blog is www.luvyournaturalhair.blogspot.com and my website is www.celaniesvintage.com
10. What makes you a bush babe?

I am an Bush Babe because I am me, I am on a never ending journey to learn how to improve myself and learn how to be useful to others. I apsire to inspire!