Tell us your name and where you are from?

My name is Fatou, I’m a native Parisian , I’m half Nigerian from my mother and Malian and Senegalese by my father.



What do you do? Is there a resistance or compatibility with your hair in your field of work?

I’m a beauty blogger, my blog is, a blog dedicated to the beauty of black women all around the world and I’m also the beauty editor in chief of Ghubar Magazine.




How long have you been natural?

I’ve been natural since the 5th of April 2006.



Describe your hair.    

I love to say that my hair is wild, curly, fierce, soft like a cotton cloud.



What is your best hair advice?

Don’t use a lot of heat, it will break. Try to use products with no parabens. And nappy hair loves water!! And a healthy hair is not greasy hair!



What is the strangest comment, request or hair story?

A lot of people in the street ask me if it’s my real hair because black girls don’t have a lot of hair… Or where did I buy my afro lace wig? Lmao…



Who is your hair idol?

My grandmother when she was alive! She had very long hair to her hips. And I love Janelle Monae and Yaya Da Costa hair.


Janelle Monae

Yaya DaCosta

How would you describe your personal fashion style?

I’m eclectic, I don’t have one style I love to try everything.  But I’m in love with vintage fashion style.



What advice would you give to people who might be afraid to show their true fashion for fear of being judged by others?

My advice is we have one life to live, so live for who you are, what you want to say and wear and not for what people may think of you. Because most of the time people who criticize you is because they have fear to be who they’re really are.



What would you say to others who judge individuals negatively for their personal fashion style?

I want to say we are all different. It would be very sad if everybody has the same personal fashion style. We are humans with different lives, feelings, and fashion shows.



When it comes to your style who, what or where does your inspiration come from?

My inspiration comes from many things, like I said to an interview for Glamour italia, My style is based on my mood. It’s a whole world, reading a book, watching pictures, a movie or a trip can give me inspiration. My style is eclectic, as I often say, clothing should reflect your personality, it’s a continuity, when you’re uncomfortable in a dress, it shows immediately. I am afraid of nothing, I would just stay true to who I am.  But I am definitely a huge fan of Diana Ross fashion style in the 70’s and 80’s…every time I look at her photos or video I’m like waaaouw she’s a true ICON.



If you could name one person from the past or present whose closet you would love to raid, who would it be?

It would be Diana Ross closet and my mother, she has kept all of her vintage dresses and earrings from the 80’s and she’s gave them to me!! I’m so blessed.



Do you have a blog/website?

Yes of course



Anything else?

Yes! Be the ACTRESS or the ACTOR of your life NOT the SPECTATOR :)



What makes you an Urban Bush Babe?

I’m an Urban Bush Babe because I accept who I am, and love to be a black woman.