Tell us your name and where you are from?

I go by the name of Hannah Faith I’m from England, North London to be a bit more specific.



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What do you do? Is there a resistance or compatibility with your hair in your field of work?

I’m a DJ, been Dj’ing now for roughly a year and a half during that time I joined an amazing label called Soulection they’re based out in LA, my hair is for my own personal style but I’d say its definitely become my own trademark I think a lot of people would describe me as the “Dj with the afro” ha!





Your best hair advice?

I’m actually terrible when it comes to hair advice, but I do know washing & conditioning is the first step to greatness! Try not to clutter your hair with so much products as well, stick to one maybe two and use that religiously. Argan Oil & Shea butter works wonders.


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How long have you been natural?

I’ve been natural for just over a year now, i started off wearing wigs all the time! Wearing wigs is cute and all, but it took my hair forever to grow, it can get a little daunting at first when you gotta wear your natural hair out for the first time, I had huge anxiety attacks when I did, but its all about carrying confidence within’ you and just not giving a f*** about anyone else’s opinion. I found that once I had stopped wearing the wig my hair began to grow rapidly & i had nothing to worry about!




Describe your hair.

My hair is coily, very thick but also soft, its a very odd texture my Fathers half Nigerian half English and my Mothers from an island in the Caribbean called St.Lucia.




What is your hair regimen?

Well most evenings when i’m not too tired, I’d wet my hair a little, apply Argan oil comb through and then twist it wrap my hair with a scarf then the next morning take it out.




What is your usual go to style?

Most of the time I wear my hair out in a Afro or if I’m not in the mood for the ‘fro i just wear it in a very high ponytail.




Your top three favorite products and why?

My top three products would be:


Hollywood Beauty Smoothing Hair Creme which includes Keratin & Argan Oil, I love it because you only have to apply a tiny amount and it really does keep my hair moisturized.

Dark and Lovely cuddling oil moisturizer this includes aloe vera and coconut, love this product because it really defines my curls, finding a product that keeps my curls defined throughout the day is really hard it gets all frizzy, but the Dark and lovely curling lotion keeps my hair looking healthy.

Mixed Roots Curl Stretching Custard I tend to not use this everyday, mainly on special occasions because it is quite expensive but overall the result is amazing I apply this to my hair comb it out and use a blow dryer to really stretch it to give my hair a lot of volume.




If you could name one person from the past whose closet you would love to raid, who would it be?

From the past I would say Josephine Baker, she really did not give a flying monkeys about what people thought of her choice of outfits and she held herself with so much confidence, I would have loved to have seen what gems she had tucked away in her closet.




When it comes to your style who, what or where does your inspiration come from?

Solange Knowles is definitely a huge inspiration, over the past 3-4 years or so I’ve really began to adore her, she was one of the main reasons I started my natural hair journey, before her there wasn’t really a celebrity figure I felt I could look up to like that apart from Erykah Badu. I’d also say my friends have a huge rub off affect on me they all dress really well and hold themselves with such confidence. 


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First memory of music?

First memory would be of my fathers music collection, on the weekends my dad would always play music from his stereo, pretty sure the whole neighborhood heard it, his taste in music was so diverse he’d play Maze, Earth wind & fire, George Benson to Pink Floyd, Sting, to Jamiroquai and Tupac ha! Back then I used to be really embarrassed of his music choice as it wasn’t spice girls, but as I got older I really began to appreciate the quality of music my dad educated me on.




What would you say to those who don’t have  the positive reinforcement of family or and friends when pursuing a passion?

Self belief is one of the most key things you need, as long as you know your worth and passion don’t let any one else tell you any different, the more people see how confident you are in your craft, the more likely those that are inspired by you will gravitate towards you, just continue to carry a positive light inside you and you will be untouchable.




Musically the decade you are most inspired by and why

The 80’s! I love the whole funk element, back then i feel it wasn’t as superficial as music tends to be nowadays, its all about the feel and just getting everybody to groove to the beat.




If you could only pick 3 albums to listen to for the rest of your life, which 3 would it be?



Erykah Badu – Baduizm



Michael Jackson – Invincible



J Dilla – Donuts


I’d be content with that


Do you remember your first live onstage performance and if so can you describe in 3 words what it was like? 








Most embarrassing moment on stage

Ah I remember it was one of my first ever shows in front of a big audience and I was playing my set, everything was going great a friend of mine came up to me and said the sound wasn’t playing through the speakers at the back of the club so he went to quickly fix the cables and all of a sudden the music just cut off! it was so embarrassing the whole club was silent but once it was fixed everything was cool.




Is there a genre of music or an artist you would like to collaborate with that may surprise your fans? 

I would love to work with Bonobo, his music is truly a sensation, I’d love to collaborate with him and some point in my life.





If you could could spend the weekend with anyone (past or present) who would it be and why?

Ryan Leslie, I used to watch his studio sessions all the time and just think about how talented this dude really is I’d love to spend all weekend just chopping it up with him and experience how he creates music.




Touring can be strenuous, do you have a regimen regarding food and/or exercise to help you stay energized.

Drink lots of water! I’m not the best person to ask about keeping healthy i’m a lover of most types of food so if it taste good i’m eating it! If you’re traveling around the city ditch a car see if it’s within walking distance and walk or try cycling.





Current music playlist and favorite book

Currently I’m listening to a lot of producers I find off Soundcloud with that boom bap feel and my favorite book is Noughts and Crosses by Malorie Blackman.






Favorite restaurant and dish you would not want to live without

Thai Red beef curry & coconut rice!




What is the best piece of advice or life lesson you have learned regarding your work?

Stay humble, keep positive like minded people around you at all times and stay inspired, visit art galleries, travel, explore.


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Future projects and where can we find you (website link)?

Right now i’m focusing on live shows, but at the moment i’m learning to produce so maybe in 2015 i’d release some Hannah Faith edits ha! we’ll see, but if you want to hear my current mixes you can find them on my Soundcloud and follow me on Twitter and Instagram: @hannahfaith__


Peace and Love.


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