Tell us your name and where you are from?

My name is Seakanyo Miranda Seakgosing. My background is African and Jewish – Portuguese. I was born and bred in Botswana, but I now live Melbourne, the fashion capital of Australia.

What do you do? Is there a resistance or compatibility with your hair in your field of work? I am qualified Financial Risk Analyst, Fashion Stylist, Blogger and Model. As my career focus is now on fashion, I am able to be as creative and free with my hair as I possibly can, which is very refreshing.

How long have you been natural?

Most of my life. It wasn’t until I went to boarding school at age 12 that I relaxed my hair because the fro was too hard to manage. By the time I reached my late teens I realized that I wasn’t that keen on straight hair so I stopped completely, and started to embrace my amazing mop of curls. Since then I have flat ironed on occasion – which I know is not ideal. I must confess though, in 2005 I had a brief “relapse” with the creamy crack (hair relaxer). I resented that decision from the moment saw my “flat hair” in the mirror and vowed NEVER AGAIN! So it’s been 7 years “au natural”.

Describe your hair?  What is your regimen?

My hair is a glorious mess of very soft, bountiful, dark brown curls. It’s recently been colored (a spicy reddish brown). Because of the hair color, it dries up quickly, so I do try to give it some TLC more often than not.

I wash it with conditioner about once a week. The night before wash-day, I drench my hair in a concoction of Olive oil + Natural Yoghurt (or Coconut Cream), and wrap it with cling wrap before I sleep. The following day I wash with conditioner and rinse out with a mixture of Apple Cider Vinegar and Water. Then I put on some leave-in conditioner, Lush R&B Moisturizer and Olive / Coconut or Avocado oil. I let the hair air dry mostly, but if time is not on my side, I use a diffuser on low heat. I spritz it daily with water and olive oil to keep it moisturized.

I have been keeping it the same length for a few years by cutting off about a centimeter every month or 2. (Hopefully this takes care of split ends too).

What is your best hair advice?

Eat well, drink lots of water, get enough sleep. Find the best regimen for your hair type and be diligent with it. And always remember; your hair REALLY is your Crown of Glory, so be kind to it and try to stick to 100% natural products as much as possible.

What is the strangest comment, request or hair story?

I find it amusing that a lot of people treat my hair like it’s a 3rd person, eg if they see me on the street they recognize the hair before me, like “wait, I know that hair”… Other than that, it’s the usual “can I touch?” etc.

How would you describe your personal fashion style?

Mostly tomboy chic, or just unpredictably fabulous! (the latter does make my husband nervous if I have to get dressed and meet him somewhere, coz it can get quite crazy ). I love menswear – inspired items (and their accessories; ties, hats, suspender belts etc). I also adore well-structured jackets  (& for some reason I always roll up my sleeves, even when it’s freezing – go figure!) Needless to say – I am in love with Janelle Monae’s look!


What advice would you give to people who might be afraid to show their true fashion for fear of being judged by others?

People need to understand that style is an extension of their character / personality. It’s nice to be trendy but not to a point where you don’t even know what your true style is. I say – be yourself, the ones who judge you are the ones who are just blindly following trends dictated by someone else! So stand your ground, set your trend and watch your former judges shamelessly follow without even realizing! And I must say, there is a feeling of sweet liberation that comes with unleashing the ‘real you’ to the world (so go on, launch yourself!)

When it comes to your style who, what or where does your inspiration come from?

Naomi Sims is a true fashion icon. I love the way she did the tomboy style; so sophisticated, so chic! I highly esteem her – she was the epitome of effortless coool! I also adore the 50’s era because it really catered for the woman’s body in a very flattering way! All the cinched waists, and full skirts; so feminine, so pretty, but yet so powerful! That being said, most of my inspiration comes from Africa. The bold, brave, unrestricted use of color and flamboyant patterns – I couldn’t live without that!

If you could name one person from the past whose closet you would love to raid, who would it be?

It’d have to be Shala Monroque. She might not be from the past but she does have endless options when it comes to fashion (what girl wouldn’t want that!) I just love that she pushes fashion boundaries, but still remains elegant and classy. Definitely in a league all by herself.

Do you have a blog/website?

Fashion Blog:


What makes you an Urban Bush Babe?

I know who I am and I not afraid to show it. The ultimate revelation is to love and accept yourself the way you were created and to encourage and inspire others to realize the power that comes with embracing who they are and all that they were meant to be.

Anything else?

Urban Bush Babes is definitely an exciting platform for all of us to celebrate our uniqueness. Thanks to Nikisha and Cipriana for doing such an amazing job helping us with our ‘mane’ issues! Much Love… and to everyone else, I hope you are inspired in some way, no matter how small. Now go forth and be fabulous!