1. Tell us your name and where you are from.
My name is Tisha and I am from Detroit, Michigan

2. What do you do? Is there a resistance or compatibility with your hair in your line of work?

I am a Police Officer for the City of Detroit. With my department, we are not allowed to wear our hair on our collars.  That’s the only resistance.  So I normally pin my hair up or wear a pony tail.

3. How long have you been natural?

I have been natural for 1 year and 2months

4. Describe your hair.

My hair type:  I don’t use the number system.  To me it’s confusing, so my hair is very fine, thin, and curly.  My hair shrinks really bad when wet, and reveals my natural curl pattern.  I recently straightened my hair and was surprised that it’s to my neck.  The shrinkage throws me off so bad.

5. What is your regimen?

Oh boy!  HELLO MY NAME IS TISHA, and I am a product JUNKIE!  I use everything!  I don’t stick to any one particular type of product.  If it’s new and promises to do certain things for hair, I’m buying it!  I will say that I am in love right now with Shea Moisture products, and for the time being, that’s what I have been using.  Pray for me :-)

6. What is the strangest comment, request or hair story?

A lot of people thought it was strange when my husband assisted me in Big Chopping.  Yup, he cut all my hair off for me!   My husband cutting my hair boosted my confidence through the roof!  He was extremely supportive, and wanted to see me happy.   My mother on the other hand HATED my hair.  I went to meet the governor of our state, and my mother kindly asked me was I going to wear a wig instead of my natural hair.  YOU CAN BET YOUR LAST DOLLAR THAT THIS GIRL ROCKED HER NATURAL HAIR!    Currently my mother  likes the way my hair looks because she likes the growth.  She said the TWA was very unflattering and did not suit my face.

7. Whats your best hair advice?

My best advice is PATIENCE IS VIRTUE.  The race is never given to the swift, and I learned that during my natural hair journey.  I was obsessed with growth and styling.   I was watching all kinds of Youtube videos, when I BC’d.  I was looking for growth during certain months according to the progress of all the vloggers I tuned in to on a daily basis, and it didn’t happen.  That did nothing but frustrate me, because in my mind my hair was not growing.   I learned that my hair is unique, and to love it in the state that it is in.  I also tell others who are considering going natural be patient and watch what happens!

8. What makes you an urban bush babe?

I’m a URBAN BUSH BABE because I LOVE my BLACK CLOUD (my hair) and I embrace the way my hair grows out my head.  I love everything that’s unique, eclectic, funky, and vibrant.  I’ve been the odd man out all my life, and that has made me into a powerhouse, and now I am an unstoppable force to reckon with!

Hubby cutting the hair :)


Honorable Ex-Governor of the State of Michigan Jennifer Granholm and my TWA, errrrr ME