Introducing a new addition to our Urban Bush Babes interview series with the collaboration of Photographer; Diego Villarreal exclusively, to produce original visual content for UBB and styling done by myself. Future UBB featured interviews on my end will now be divided into 2 parts. First half will contain only UBB original content and the latter section will include photos provided by interviewees. To kick off this new addition, introducing our latest Urban Bush Babes, twins; Sasha and Sable Boykin from New York.


Photographer: Diego Villarreal
Stylist: Cipriana Quann


Tell us your name and where you are from?

Sable: I’m from New York, NY
Sasha:  My name is Sasha Boykin and I’m from Queens, New York.
How long have you been natural?

Sable: I have been natural my entire life.
Sasha: I have been natural for as long as I have existed.
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Wardrobe: Vintage and Beacon's Closet

What do you do? Is there a resistance or compatibility with your hair in your field of work?

Sable: Things I do include (but aren’t limited to) modeling, dancing (refined as well as ratchet), acting, and running Bunnty shenanigans all around the globe mostly. There isn’t much resistance concerning hair in my line of work, either a stylist knows what they’re doing in my hair or they don’t understand it and resort to slabbing some sort of mystery product all over and/or teasing it on a shoot; a problem I know a ton of curly and natural models face.  Or the unthinkable- temporarily straightening for a shoot, which we have to do occasionally.

Sasha: I act, model, and have a side job as a cocktail server. None of these conflict with the way I like to wear my hair. Every so often, I will have a shoot requiring my hair to be straight, which I dislike because of the heat damage it causes.  When it’s over, I just deep condition and try to erase it from my memory.


What is the strangest comment, request or hair story?

Sable: The strangest hair request I received was for someone to smother their face with my hair.

Sasha:  One strange request I receive is when people ask to touch my hair.  I know its curly and everywhere but it isn’t a foreign specimen up for analysis. It interests me to see what people think is etiquette enough to ask strangers. I don’t ask strangers if I can touch random parts of their body. Other off-putting comments are when people suggest that I wear my hair straight, or if they tell me I should “NEVER” cut my hair, like its the entire source of my worth. Thank you stranger for your shallow projection. I guess candles and dying phones will determine my fate.


Ultimate hair crush?

Sable: Ultimate hair crush would definitely be Francheska from Hey Fran Hey!, Yasmin Daguilh, the Lejonhjarta twins, and the Quann twins. Love twins!

Sasha:  I have so many hair crushes! I’m quite the crusher, but I will limit it to my friend Trae Harris. Trae recently cut off all of her hair, which was a head of long lust-worthy locs. Her new look is short and she styles it beautifully. It is nice to be reminded that hair isn’t everything. When people place such importance on the length, color, texture, style and origin of someone else’s hair, its cool to see them cut it all off.  Its powerful because you are left with a person; the same person.  We are not our hair. Thank you, Ms. Arie.

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What would you say to others who judge individuals negatively for their personal fashion style?

Sable: I would tell people that judge individuals negatively for their personal style to get over the sad projections they’re placing on fearless individuals, stop being afraid, don’t shame people you admire on the low because if you’re talking about them you’re a fan. Be better.

Sasha:  BYE HATERS!!!! Just kidding. I would ask people that judge others based on looks why they are choosing to walk around in a bubble, and what they are afraid of. When you judge people based on assumptions, you are just projecting your own fears onto them.
Most embarrassing moment

Sable:  Most embarrassing moment. I don’t have any that I can think of specifically, even if I make a complete fool of myself I’m usually laughing with everyone else like “Bahahaha yes I’m a doofus… bahahaha so yes, that’s established (for the 10th time today).”

Sasha: I have so many embarrassing moments; I can’t track them all.  Normally they are so embarrassing I laugh at myself and classify it as a funny moment because I wouldn’t be able to live it down otherwise.  One time my friends and I were celebrating it being Tuesday, and we were out partying.  I turned a corner and shouted “SABLE!” with so much joy and enthusiasm, and started walking toward a MIRROR that was my reflection.  Pretty embarrassing.  In my defense, it was crowded and dark.  A few of my friends were around and we just laughed and I realized how sharp my senses were.
What is your favorite life lesson?

Sable: My favorite life lesson is the lesson of self love, being present and empowered- because it allows you to be self aware, see the significance of your surroundings, and forces you to be wise and compassionate.

Sasha:  One of my favorite life lessons is one that reminds me that I must be true to my own journey because it is personal. Thank you, Trae.

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Where can we find you (blog/website)?

Sable: Website is and my instagram is @saysable

Sasha:  We have a tumblr and a website.  Our website is more professional at the moment and our instagrams are definitely more personal.  My instagram handle is @chachhere

What makes you an Urban Bush Babe?

Sable: I am an Urban Bush Babe because I thrive in my element balancing the resilient, glowing light energy I get from nature, warm weather, the constellations and all natural beauty while I am driven and ambitious in our daily crazy, modern, concrete jungle grind.

Sasha:  I am an Urban Bush Babe because I am more than what you see.  I am an unique individual with a unified state of mind that wants to inspire and be inspired.  Those are the vibes Urban Bush Babes give me.

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Photos: Diego Villarreal


Stay tuned for part two this week as Sasha and Sable discuss hair regimens, style, diet, what is currently on their playlists and favorite spots to shop.