Click Read More/Comment for additional photo. Today Nikisha and I spent the morning into the early part of our afternoon gasping for breath from pure unadulterated laughter, filming with good friends Chescaleigh (aka Chescalocs) and HeyFranHey, at the YouTube Next Lab in New York. Later Taren Guy joined us and completed the hilarious scenario we have in store for you.

You may be wondering, filming WHAT exactly, …well, to be honest there is a tight lid on this one and we can’t say more than the obvious such as it was a wonderful experience working with everyone on set and that the subject matter of the video has something to do with hair, but then again, if you are familiar with Chescaleigh’s incredible work such as the viral comedy sketch “The Sh@t White Girls Say to Black Girls” then you know you are in store for some straight up, off the wall, creative, hard to stay in your seat comedy! Believe us when we say you will not want to miss this collaboration! Keep an eye out or two later this week.