Vatika oil is a definite staple in my hair regimen and my favorite. I use is for hot oil treatments and to seal my ends. For my hot oil treatment I apply it to freshly shampooed hair, put a plastic cap on ,and then put my heating gel cap on top of that. I let it stay on my head for 30-60 minutes depending on how much time I have. Sometimes I leave the  oil on over night. After this process I shampoo the oil out and proceed to put my leave in cream on, and seal my ends with the Vatika oil. Don’t use too much when using it to seal your ends, a little goes a long way. I have experienced less hair shed and breakage, definite softness and moisture. This is also great for the warm months because of the UV ray protection it can provide for your strands :). Remember when using this oil that it always comes in solid form so you have to liquefy it by sitting it in hot water, or I like to let the hot water run on it for about 3min. or until it melts.

Benefits of Vatika oil and its all natural ingredients:

Henna – colorant, hair conditioner & restorative
Amla – hair nourishment, delays graying & hair fall
Harar – protects from UV rays, delays graying
Bahera – maintains hair color
Neem – anti-microbial, fights dandruff & hair fall
Brahmi – hair vitalizer
Kapur Kachari – antiseptic
Lemon Oil – astringent, fights dandruff, controls sebum flow
Coconut Oil – promotes hair growth & nourishment
Cow’s Milk – natural nourishment for scalp & roots