Click Read More/Comment for additional pictures. On May 8th I had the extreme pleasure to be invited in viewing the live taping of VH1’s Storytellers, featuring the amazing Singer/Songwriter/Actor and Grammy award winning poet, Jill Scott. The performance was held at the Manhattan Center Hammerstein Ballroom in NY, which is commonly described as a “century-old former opera house with fully-integrated 21st century media” but this past Tuesday the stage was set as if ‘The Artist Formally known as Prince’ set the stage his self but there was a lot more going on than the stage including everything what rockin wigs do for her hair to an intimate story about the toilet and um…”letting things go”.

In attendance with my sister TK Wonder and good friend Tarah we shared what only could be only described as a once in a life time performance from Jill Scott. Before I began my hailing of this incredible woman and giving you the juicy scoop I must say sitting first row I was able to easily see the physical beauty and connection she had with the audience. I knew there was magic in the air because VH1 Storytellers gives you an intimate in your face encounter with some of today’s biggest musical artist. Portraying a side that is not often seen in the public eye, Storytellers gives us a platform of truly connecting with the artist and the stories behind their music.

The arrival time was 6PM sharp and unfortunately no cameras were allowed but completely understandable due to privacy issue until the actual air date and most importantly respect to the artist who is performing in a very intimate setting but intimate as the setting was the audience was extended for this night due to the high anticipation of Jill’s performance. Once the auditorium, sound and stage were set Jill Scott took stage at 7PM and the auditorium erupted in thunderous applause.

In VH1’s 16th season of Storytellers, Jill Scott performed some of her classics and the stories behind many of her lyrics including ‘Golden’‘Gettin in the Way’, ‘The Way’, ‘He Who Loves Me’ and why on many stations ‘Crown Royal on Ice’ was taken off the air. Many of the songs were not only paired by a wig change (which she shared it was great to give her a own hair a break) but a costume change as well, which for me as the viewer felt I was receiving two treats in one because not only was Jill Scott performing…she was PERFORMING, giving us theater and a concert in one. Her set was accompanied by amazing musicians, including an electric guitarist, string quartet and backup singers who were pulling out all the stops with old school Temptation like moves. There were many moments when she related to the audience and even turned and nodded directing her attention to my sister and I in stating women can do anything including fashion & hair and not letting fear consume us because you only have one life, so live yours (you know I erupted in huge applause for that one). Even with that small acknowledgement I have to say my absolute favorite part of the night is when she began to sing Opera in full blown Italian, this almost brought tears to my eyes and yes I may be getting sensitive in my old age but I was not the only one who felt the emotion as she received a standing ovation.

In capping off this experience I truly felt a sense of who this woman was besides oozing the obvious sex appeal and beauty, Jill made a point to connect with the audience in a rawness and realness that can only come from a genuine spirit. UBB Fam, I mean to break it down Jill was so real there was a small Q&A session with Jill during the show in which my sister asked “Where the strangest place she found inspiration for a song?”. Jill was like “Oh you did not ask me that…For real, For real, I mean FOR REAL? On the toilet…. it was a song about letting go.” Yes Jill went there! It took a minute for the audience to quiet down after that one.

In capping off, the performance was from 7-9:30 PM but went by way too fast and I wasn’t the only one who shared the same sentiments. The audience begin asking for an encore which included tony nominated actress Condola Rashad, Jill Scott’s co-star in the remake of one of my favorite 1989 classics, Steel Magnolias. If I keep going I would be here all day but if you think this something there is so much more to share, but to really understand the experience, tune in to VH1’s Storytellers featuring Jill Scott on Monday, May 21st at 9PM ET/PT on VH1.

*Also so stay tuned for premiere dates of VH1 Storytellers with artists Jason Mraz (June 1), Norah Jones (June 8), and Grace Potter & the Nocturnals (June 15).