by: Janelle Okwodu

If you had thought you might easier find a model in a nightclub than in a bookclub, well, that’s so ’90s. When you’re constantly traveling for work, a good book can be your best friend, and these days it’s far more chic for a fashionable girl to be caught backstage with her nose in a book than revisiting last night’s party on social media. We caught up with fashion’s resident bookworms to see which latest bestsellers or well-loved literary favorites they’re making time for this weekend. Check out the novels, biographies, and occasional Nicholas Sparks romances that these fresh faces love now.

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Now Reading: “The Mummy at the Dining Room Table” by Jeffrey A. Kottler and Jon Carlson
Sanity teeters the scale of normalcy as the meaning itself is examined within the psychotherapy community, and redefined by those tipping the balance in “The Mummy At The Dining Room Table”.
Authors; Drs Jeffery A Kottler and Jon Carlson take an in-depth look into some of the most unusual 32 doctor-and-patient case related studies, from renowned therapists including William Glasser, Albert Ellis and Hypnotherapist Pat Love. Complete anonymity protects those who stories are shared, but the title itself is just 1of 32 cases in which a deceased mother was mummified by her immediate loved ones, and displayed at the dining room table for over seven years to continue the routine of family night dinners.
A book I revisit often, revealing how truly fascinating the human mind copes and overcomes trauma from ones own perspective, while analyzing the therapists and the methods in which they chose to treat each subject. Not exactly a fairytale bedtime story but definitely a must read by those who are fascinated by psychotherapy.
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