via: Vogue
by Lilah Ramzi
Photo: Xavier Scott Marshall
There’s a certain power in the idea of what a new lipstick shade holds. Each test swipe on the back of the hand ushers in a fresh wave of optimism; with this lip color, a stroke of fortune, a good date, or a promotion just might follow. Never are these feelings more potent than on the first days of the new year, but as the saying goes, one must make room for the good by clearing out the bad. That might mean rethinking the contents of an overflowing drawer stuffed with once-used products or infusing a favorite makeup routine with a bold new blush or eyeliner. To get us started, six It girls reveal the beauty vices they plan on leaving behind and the virtues they plan to embrace in 2016.
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Cipriana Quann
The Beauty Virtue:
“More rest! Due to my schedule, I sometimes (okay, often) neglect the proper amount of sleep, even going to the extremes of all-nighters (I know, I know, no bueno). The results immediately affect my energy level and condition of my skin, leading to some exorcist-scary breakouts. Sleep is important to our health, and when I have an adequate amount of zzz’s my body not only thanks me but my skin literally glows.”
The Beauty Vice:
“When it comes to makeup, I tend to be”to find out the beauty vice I am leaving behind this year and the complete list of Vogue’s “What’s Your Beauty Vice or Virtue? 6 It Girls Share Their Goals For the New Year” visit here