My hair was breaking off like crazy a few weeks ago because I was not spritzing my protective styles with water before I sealed.Well after extensive research I found out your hair needs water (duh…!). Hair needs water to maintain its elasticity (the ability to stretch) without water hair snaps off and breaks! Water penetrates the hair shaft going deep into the hair cuticle connecting to other water molecules. Since water is the ultimate moisturizer, its best to spritz hair with water and/or use water based leave-in conditioners and creams. After you have applied a water based leave-in then you seal in the moisture using an oil. How often you do this varies from person to person. When my hair is in protective styles I spritz with water or water mixed with vegetable glycerin, then I add a bit of a water based leave-in, and seal with an oil  about every two days. Now that I do this, I barely get any breakage :). *Remember :Water is the only true form of moisture, if water is not present, neither is moisture. -Reignelle (quote from Curlynikki)