Not only is Quentin Tarantino’s movie: Deathproof one of my absolute favorite tough girls kicking a@s movies (Does anyone else love this movie?) but the beautiful and talented actress Sdyney Poitier’s hair is the length (just the length ya’ll, lawd knows my hair will not fall that vertical, lol but I love my hair just for that reason) I want to attain without the use of heat. Naturally my hair falls mid back because I experience about 50% shrinkage but if I were to stretch my hair completely it would fall to the waist. Now since I have created a healthy foundation, I figured I have about 2-3 years before my hair hits waist level without the aid of stretching which is my own personal hair goal that pertains to length.

What are your personal hair goals whether it may be length, health, patience, regimen, etc?