Ok, so ladies I want you to email me pics of the hairstyle that makes you feel sexy . I will be posting them as inspiration for others. Let us know your name, the name of the hair style if you named it :) and how you styled it. Here’s mine in the pics above and below, I call it the 80′s wave because all my hair is pushed over to one side like a wave and it reminds me of my favorite era, the 80s. I used bobby pins to pin it down and aloe gel, or my sons Kinky Curly Custard to get the pinned side frizz free. I also feel sexy when I wear my hair out, but you guys have seen me with that already!

Email: nikisha@urbanbushbabes.com

What natural hairstyle makes you feel sexy?


Me rockin the 80s wave, my hair is pushed over to one side and held down with bobby pins.