Click ‘Read More + Comment’ for additional photos. Just wanted to share another part of me with all of you. For those who are familiar with our website then you know we are huge lovers and advocates for the arts. When I was younger art and music were a big part of my life, and my family is extremely artistic, so this naturally was something my sister and I fell into. Finding something you LOVE to do is a great way to release stress, or in other words “Shout sh@t out”. I can honestly say the arts are big part of who I am today and why I am inspired and motivated to shine the spotlight on so many beautiful, intelligent and talented women of color.


I always had a supportive Mother who as a teenager was in an all-girls rock/funk band, but then went on to one of the top universities in the country for medicine, John Hopkins, later transitioning to finance. While with a amazingly supportive Mother, I was deterred a bit from the art world from my militant father who encouraged our love of arts but at the same time wanted to ensure a journey that would be more “stable” for his daughters which had led me on a path of studying law and my sister wanting to become a neurosurgeon, even despite his past as an amazing singer who performed with James Brown…another story for another time but long story short, incredible professions to aspire to but my heart was and forever will belong to the arts.


Sharing what you love to do with others is important, because not only are we our future but so is our youth, to instill in them a type of confidence that goes beyond physical appearance can transform their lives in more ways than they can imagine. Uplifting yourself is great but when you can uplift others in a positive way, not expecting anything in return, it will feed your soul.


Life is inspiration and the world goes around for a reason, everything old is new, everything new is old, the circle of life! Every person is of course unique, but we are all connected in some way or another.  With that being said, for me my outlet is of course Urban Bush Babes but also another medium which is drawing. I was never trained but something I wanted to do as soon as I could hold a pencil, lol. I love to create on large scale canvases, about 25 x 34, here are a few of my charcoal pieces.



Bob Marley

Artwork 002 r


Artwork 005 r


Artwork 011 r



Artwork 013 r


Johnny Depp

Artwork 008 r


Bencio Del Toro

Artwork 004 r


My twins sister, TK Wonder

Artwork 003 r


You can find me on instagram @ciprianaquann

I would love to know what you do to release stress?