As a natural there are many elements that come with the territory and one of those elements is all the comments and questions you receive on your hair alone! I think I have heard along with many naturals every comment under the sun such as…

Stranger: “Wow I bet if you were caught in a wind tunnel the wind would catch your hair like a kite and you would fly away”
Me: “Um yeah ok this is only partially true I didn’t fly away I was only slightly pushed into a different direction then the one I was intending to

Stranger: “I bet you can hide all sorts of things in your hair”                                                                                                                                                              Me: “Only once and it was used for protection. I was going to a shady part of town”

Stranger: “How do you sleep at night, it must be difficult for you to lay your head down with all that hair”
Me: “Sorry to disappoint but my hair experiences bed hair like anyone else my hair does not elevate my head as I am sleeping”

Stranger: “That really can’t be all you hair? Really? Noooo you can tell me the truth!”
Me:  Uh no comment

Stranger: “Can I marry your hair”
Me: (sound of crickets)……..“maybe but I am not signing a prenuptial agreement”

Stranger: “It must take you a year to get through all of your hair?”
Me: “Are you kidding it only takes at the least 6 months” (dead face)

All jokes aside the list could go on and on as I know for many of us. If anything, most of the comments are complimentary and hilarious to say the least and I do receive the negative but that comes with anything in life but love always overshadows. So your turn ladies:

What is the strangest comment, question or story that related to your hair?