(Kay not pictured). I hope ya’ll don’t mind if I keep it real for a second. I want to bring up a bit of a touchy subject. Should type 3 curly girlies really be included in the natural hair movement?

I mean, I’m sure during times of slavery, the darker toned, kinky headed slaves thought to themselves that he lighter skinned slaves have it easy. They probably felt that they didn’t need freedom. So in that same vein, I wonder, what do the loose curled, wash ‘n go, easy to grow type 3 girls need to be considered in the movement for? It surely looks easy to me. How many of them know the struggle that comes with trying to comb over kinks?

Therefore, to remove the kinks from my brain, I interviewed Simone. I needed of find out if the struggle was different, but still the same in some ways. What do you guys think?

Q: How long have you been natural?

A: All my life- 21yrs

Q: Do you have a regimen that you stick to or would you say you’re a bit of a product junkie?

A: I go through phases; sometimes I stick to a certain product other times I try different stuff out. But I always have to have conditioner and curl mouse to control frizz.

Q: Have you ever felt like relaxing/straightening your hair? Why or why not?

A: I often think about straightening my hair for long periods of time through relaxing, because it looks good but I’m afraid it would ruin the natural curls.

Q: Describe what your hair does on a bad hair day (thoroughly as possible) as well as on a good hair day.

A: My hair has its own personality. Some days it’s big and wild others its soft and wavy. On a bad day its dry frizzy and no matter how much I attempt to brush it, it still ends up tangled. On a good day the curls are tight and bouncy with a good shine. (This usually only happens when my hair gets a treatment.)

Q: Have you ever found yourself being envious of others with an even looser curl or straight flowing hair?

A: Sometimes. Some days I want perfectly straight hair to rock my bangs (which are a nightmare to hide with my curly hair) or sometimes I wish my curls were wilder and tight so it can hold better shape.

Q: If someone were to ask you – why are you natural? – What would you say?

A: Because it’s me. Why not? Also I’m rather lazy when it comes to styling my hair because I’m not into upkeep of constantly straightening or relaxing. My hair has the same style since it sprouted, big and curly.