“The song is about standing firm in your beliefs no matter the circumstances or difficulty. To not back down from anyone, in particular, when you believe in something so strongly and others (people, the law or government) attempt to persuade you to think differently or tell you your way of thinking is erroneous.” -TK Wonder




Singer, songwriter and producer Kissey (originally hailing from Sweden and now based in Brooklyn) and Rapper, singer and songwriter TK Wonder (originally hailing from Maryland and now based in Brooklyn) synced musical forces, becoming known as ‘WonderKiss.’



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In this Halloween release the electrifying super-duo not only releases “Won’t Lay Down” (including the free download here); a universal theme for those who well, “won’t lay down” but a video for the single that visually creates a rich cinematography stimulation frame by frame.




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With award-winning contemporary Painter, Tim Okamura making his directorial debut,  seasoned DP’s; Laurence Mathieu-Leger, Francesco Moltini, and Stylists; Karolina Brock and Freya Myles, sit back as Urban Bush Babes presents  the exclusive release of WonderKiss’s “Won’t Lay Down”…





“For me, “Won’t Lay Down” is a song is about fighting for justice, fighting to have the truth be heard, and doing in so in a relentless but honorable way. I wanted to portray Tk and Kissey as being the leaders of two different gangs of women warriors who first confront each other, then join forces in the struggle to find not only justice, but also equality and freedom. It is a diverse and powerful group of women that find transcendence as Samurai Queen Bees – and they will never lay down for anyone.” -Tim Okamura



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Free download of “Won’t Lay Down” below…







Laurence Mathieu-Leger

Jordan Stone


Makeup Artists

Mirna Jose

Okema Na’Omi Diaz

Yuco Aoki

Sekoya Isaac