The brick cold winter seasons can be brutal and reaching for your favorite sweater can become second nature in protecting yourself from the chill but in protecting yourself we often can forget about the ends of our hair. Speaking from personal experience, let me tell you this small overlook can be detrimental to your ends if you wear your hair down. Wool and other types such as Acrylic and Cashmere are hygroscopic meaning they easily absorb moisture. Wool fibers are hollow and can absorb moisture almost one-third of its own weight. Which translates to your already fragile ends big TROUBLE! Your ends are the oldest area of your strands therefore more susceptible to abuse from any foreign material that may cause friction with your ends. Also the curlier the strands the weaker your ends tend to be because moisture which is technically called sebum has more trouble traveling to your ends due to the natural twist and turns of your hair shaft.

The question now is ”what can I do?” Fear not ladies here are some simple DIY solutions to protect your ends from your favorite winter wear.

1) Updo Styles can be the rescuing factor in most damage preventing hair issues but when it comes to wearing sweaters and like clothing articles I believe this is a necessity in baying off damage to your ends. Now if your hair is shorter and will not have contact with what you might be wearing you really do have an advantage in wearing whatever winter wear you want without consequences.

2) Satin or Silk Scarf thrown over the shoulders of wool or wool like clothing can up your game over split ends and having them call foul play. Friction is another factor that is out of the picture when satin or silk are involved due to their harmonizing materials, a must if you want to wear your hair down.

3) Oil is a trick I use to protect the nape area of my hair. This area seems to suffer the most abuse coconut, castor, olive, and rosemary oil) so to gain the advantage I will rub a nickel size amount of coconut and jojoba or more if needed on the nape (aka the kitchen) and surrounding base areas every morning. I felt a tremendous difference in the feeling of this area at the end of the day which was less of a brittle dry feeling. This is a great tip especially when wearing wool scarfs.

I guarantee you will feel and see a change in your ends if you follow these simple solutions. Then again another solution I forgot to mention but something I have no control of is a little thing called Mother Nature. Soon spring and summer will be upon us and we can be distracted by the heat which sounds real good right about now.

PS: Well since it is officially Spring I am sure somewhere in the world the season falls into winter, lol.