via: Yale University 

Interview by: Brainard Carey

Photos: Diego Villarreal
I was hesitant in the beginning in starting Urban Bush Babes because I was not use to the social media world and it might be strange to say but I am a private person, so it was scary to think I am going to cofound this site, create correlating social media platforms and expose certain things to the world that I had kept private in the pass. For me that was the reasoning behind the hesitation but then I realized I can’t let other’s judgments of me or what I do stifle something I feel strongly about, which is changing the face of “ideal” beauty.” -Cipriana Quann


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Selected as one of six brilliant women in New York by Vogue Magazine for their ‘My Life in Vogue’ Documentary along with a 2 page spread feature in the US issue of Vogue Magazine’s “All in the Family” story along with her identical twin sister (shot by iconic Photographers Inez and Vindooh), dubbed the “voice of your generation” by HBO and “Influential Millennial” by Gap, Cipriana is making her mark in the fashion industry proving beauty can go beyond aesthetics.
Cofounder and Editor in Chief of Urban Bush Babes a lifestyle website focusing on fashion, hair, beauty, health, food, film, photography, interior design and arts and cultures, the uniting core of the site was created to support, encourage and highlight the multi-faceted lives of women of color. Celebrating difference as the norm, “imperfections” as perfections and breaking down the “ideal standard” of beauty, with this motto ‘Urban Bush Babes’ quickly rose to a following of 350,000 weekly readers and why Cipriana was 1 of 4 women around the world to be chosen for iconic Finnish Design House; Marimekko’s Women of Influence Series- an initiative highlighting women across the globe making a difference. Cipriana was the only woman selected in the United States. Marissa Mayer (President and CEO of Yahoo) was the previous selected woman in the United States.
Also known for her vintage fashion and unique sense of style Cipriana was named best dressed blogger by Vogue as well as signing on as their contributor writer.
Working in close relations with her identical twin sister, TK Quann (aka TK Wonder) who is a singer/songwriter/lyricist as well as executive contributor at Urban Bush Babes, together they have made Vogue, Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, Marie Claire, WWD’s, New York Times best dressed list, named W magazine’s “Style Stars”, US Elle Magazine’s “Hair Icons”
To hear my interview with Yale University Radio on women of color in the fashion industry, redefining the face of “ideal beauty”, meaning of feminist, the importance of our readers and more click here


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