Sometimes we can get carried away with the superficial things in life, like our outer appearance and we forget that our mental and physical health are even more important than those other things. This means getting counseling/therapy and delving into health/fitness for many people. I always strongly urge people to focus on inner rather than the outer. With that being said, I am happy to share this bit on physical health :).   This past summer I was introduced to juicing by a good friend of mine, Hosanna. We talked about the importance of what foods we put in our body and how raw, live foods are the most vital! Before that talk I already took several steps in eating healthier, by cutting out a lot of non nutritional foods and adding more nutritional ones. I was pushing this movie called Food Matters for the past year on many of my family members and loved ones because it takes a look at how food controls your health (disease). I have had several family members die from cancer, so I’ve been pushy on them about living healthy. From these moments I began my research and looked at reviews for juicers. In the more current weeks Cipriana put me on to the film Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead, and we have been talking about juicing with the lovely bloggers of Heyfranhey, and I was so motivated and bought the Breville JE98XL Juicer, Two-Speed Juice Fountain. This baby is amazing, its way easier clean up than many of the other juicers out there. Which means it doesn’t take me that long to juice and clean up like many people complain of. My son loves juicing, he thinks its fun, and while it can take some getting use to the veggie taste, the benefits are so worth it! Its also very  important to know that juicing isn’t for everyone, so do your own research, thank God for google :). I found this video from one of the worlds leading Doctors in alternative medicine who happened to be on the Dr.Oz show about 2weeks ago. He talks about juicing and how its not right for everyone. Check it out here —> I will keep you guys posted on more info as time goes by.

Here are the only 2 recipes I’ve tried so far. Make sure all your fruits and veggies are organic because you don’t want to drink pesticides, which are all over non organic fruits and veggies. Happy juicing :)!!!!

Recipe 1. my fav so far:

2 Carrots

Ginger root

Bunch of kale

1 or 2 granny smith apples


Recipe 2. :

Bunch of kale

2 Granny smith apples

Ginger root

1/2 Lemon

4 Celery stalks

1 Cucumber