Yesterday afternoon Nikisha and I conversed over lunch with two beautiful, talented and lovely ladies, Francheska of and Chescaleigh of and Chescalocs Francheska thought of a great idea that blossomed into all of us joining forces to provide something very special for all of you. We all met in the lower eastside at one of my favorite hangouts named Pianos, a neighborhood hotspot that boasts a pretty damn impressive happy hour, seven days a week from 2:30-8:30 PM of four dollar frozen margaritas and a five dollar menu of burgers, calamari, nachos, chipotle-buffalo wings and everything in between. Though the food and the most delicious margaritas ever are a good enough reason to meet and enjoy a perfect Sunday afternoon, this was not the case. We were there to discuss and lock in an official date, where you as the reader or even occasional viewer of UBB will be able to ask us all of your hair, health and fashion related questions live through Ustream. We are all pretty excited and at the risk of sounding like a stoned surfer, STOKED about having a platform to showcase a variety of textures and knowledge based through our personal hair journeys to answer every single one of your questions live. As of today we are shooting for the weekend of October 23rd so please stay tuned as we will be providing more details for your all access pass to have some good old fashion, up close and personal girl time with all of us!

Ladies, if you have any suggestions for topics you definitely want us to cover, please feel free to comment below :)