Cipriana and I have started a Real Talk section on, its under Arts & Culture, where we will be able to post about things women really like to talk about. Relationships are a hot topic, so I wanted to begin sharing some of my brothers articles (he is my boyfriends brother :) ). His name is Paul Carrick Brunson and he is a Life Coach & Match Maker. He is in one of the most beautiful  and healthy marriages that I have ever witnessed, about 10yrs and going strong, and they were dating even years before that. He has his hand in several big things, he is a Life Changer for the new Dr. Drew show “Life Changers” coming this fall (Dr. Drew is the the one with the show Celebrity Rehab), as well as being a writer for Essence Magazine. The number one question he says he gets from his clients are, “what can I do to find Mr. Right?” Here is his latest article for Essence titled: Your Road Map to Mr. Right —-> Essence


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Paul Carrick Brunson founder of


Paul & his beautiful wife Jill, I love them both <3