Did you know an uneven or unpaired amount of electrons in our atoms outer shell causes instability, leading to free radicals that can trigger cancer? Yes, the presence of free radicals in our system is normal, since this is the natural process of aging, but it is an abnormal or excessive amount of free radicals that are responsible for premature aging and a host of other diseases. Did you also know free radicals can be ignited by external factors such as pollution, smoking, radiation and pesticides (that can be found in food or water)? Want to know one of the ways to combat free radicals…organic tea. Organic tea such as ‘Your Tea‘, contains antioxidants to help combat free radicals, and why do antioxidants possess the magic touch? Antioxidants contain extra electrons to spare, therefore do not lose their stability if an electron is taken.
In our latest episode on YouTube, watch as I break down the science of free radicals, review ‘Your Tea’ and how it is distinct from other organic teas, plus the 101 on tea and its benefits. For more tea time plus a chance to win ‘Your Tea’ and a 60 minute skype chat with me watch below.


**This product may contain traces of nuts**

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